I’m starting to see a somewhat troubling pattern in my eating habits – or perhaps it’s got to do with being particularly fond of barbecuing ALL OF THE THINGS – but just the other weekend, we took to eating char-grilled meat and vegetables at my friend’s acreage. Yes, they live on an acreage and have two dogs, a cat and an enviously large back-yard. Of course I wanted to frolic through their back yard, but unfortunately did not get the chance – a huge, Typically Australian thunder storm rolled in and made things (and one of her dogs) uncomfortably wet. I’ll just have to leave frolicking to another time.

BEAUTIFUL SUNSET: Driving out bush to their place, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I wasn't driving.

I finally got the opportunity to trial my mixed-drink making skills and even I was impressed by the delicious out come – even though I haven’t yet thought of a name for it – sicne I figure, that’s what you do when you mix a drink – you give it a ridiculous name.



  • 1/2 shot of strawberry syrup
  • 1 shot of Ketel One (or vodka of choosing)
  • Fresh strawberries (muddied)
  • Chunk of lemon, lightly squeezed
  • Ice
  • Fill with lemonade to top

I even bought appropriately coloured paper straws for the event – only to find that even though they’re damn pretty, they’re also pretty damn useless. Within minutes, the straws (which I thought were composed of wax paper) turned into pretty paper pulp. Moral of this story? Buy some normal straws next time.


Nan’s idea of a “delicious drink”, on the other hand, is slightly different to mine – and even though he conceded that my Strawberry Girly Drink was delicious, he decided to make his own take on a “mixed drink” – by shoving as many lemons and limes as he could into a tumbler with a a massive dose of vodka and soda. Classy.



To distract us from our drinking shenanigans, our lovely hosts had prepared for us a veritable feast of things on sticks – chicken drumsticks, chicken hearts, chicken giblets, tripe, intestine, lamb, beef, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, quail eggs – you name it, it was on a stick some where, grilled to perfection and then liberally stuffed into our faces with candour. Mmm, all of the delicious things!

BUTTER: We all love butter, quite a bit.


QUAIL EGGS: Yes, those really are quail eggs on sticks - talk about extreme!


GOOD COMPANY: Of course a barbecue is nothing without good company - it was great to catch up with a few friends over a delicious feast!

Oh yes, did I mention they also have an absolutely ADORKABLE CAT? Her name is fluffy and I want to steal her – for a 14 year-old feline creature, she looks fairly perky – and she has the most adorable little white boots! Gnaaawwww.





13 thoughts on “MORE BBQ-ING, THE MERRIER.

    1. Heh, too bad their prettiness didn’t last as long as I desired! Oh well!

      Yes, she’s not as fluffy (she’s lost a bit of weight and resultant fluff) but the mittens! Awww!

  1. SO much delicious & cute going on! Ahhh! Those mittens ;A;/

    Ahh sorry to hear about the straws…they were cute while they lasted :D?

  2. Jaspie says:

    Nooooooooo stealing my Fluffy πŸ˜› ~ She’s too cute for you πŸ˜€ ~

    Glad you guys enjoyed it πŸ™‚ ~ Looking forward to our next one ~ Hopefully ALL of us can make it next time ~

  3. Your mixed drink sounds SO good! I am definitely trying it! Do let me know if you come up with a name ;D

    Awww kitty is so sweet… seems you had fun on your outing! there’s nothing like grilling out on a warm night, right?? πŸ™‚

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