My love-hate relationship with attempting to acquire New York City friendly outfits has turned into a little bit of an obsession. Constantly turning websites over and over in my head – patching together outfits, churning through my wardrobe and returning to my computer with an upset turtle-face laid on thick. Yes, once again, I have nothing to wear.

My main fear is looking like a complete and utter tourist – yes, I know I actually am a tourist while I am in New York, but the fact remains – I DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A TOURIST. Shamefully, I still will be posing in front of ALL OF THE THINGS with my hands curled in the telltale “rabbit ears”, but what the hell, I put that down to genetics.

So when I found out that the utterly lovely Cintya was clearing out her own wardrobe to accrue some funds, I leaped at the opportunity to, not only weed through her collection of clothes, but also, to seek out a jacket to take with me to the Big Apple.

And my, was I in luck – I managed to score this fabulous like-new khaki jacket with detachable collar and detachable inner lining – that’s right – depending on the level of cold, you can defrag the jacket until it suits your temperaturely-surroundings – the perfect jacket for me, since I will not only be in New York for over a week, but I will also be heading out to Taipei on my way back (yes, MORE shopping).

The jacket arrived, packed up perfectly, in a plastic sleeve and tough bag – a great idea, since over the last few days, the rain has been creatively soggying up the place. Once pulled out of the packaging, I found that the jacket smelled great – freshly laundered! I immediately stuck my face into the jacket, and wiffed-up the super-clean scent – like some catnip obsessed cat.

Packaging aside, the jacket (from Lowry Farm’s sub-brand, LEPSIM), was absolutely fabulous – it is made out of heavy khaki, and sports a handful of nifty pockets and a snap-button cuffed hem. The jacket hem sits just on the hips – it seems a bit snug, but when tried on with Heattech and a sweater underneath, it still does not appear bulky. I nearly melted with joy…oh yeah, and heat.

The padded interior and fluffy collar very easily attach and detach with small button loops that line the interior of the jacket – and once removed, the jacket transforms into a very cute, military style coat, that can be layered over an array of dresses and tops from Autumn right through to Spring.

The collar is super-soft – I have an inkling that it is actually rabbit fur? I’m not certain (as it clearly does not smell of rabbit…also, I haven’t smelt a rabbit for a good long while) – but I would not be surprised if it were. I spent a good long while rubbing it against my face, it was so very fluffy.

In addition to the cute jacket, Cintya also including a few adorable little gifts and a postcard that she picked up on her recent trip to Vietnam! Oh my, what a sweetie!

LEPSIM is known for their Mori-Girl* style – and even looking at their site inspires me to tweak my wardrobe and ready myself for cold weather – I’ve always wanted to invest in a high-quality khaki jacket, and thank-goodness for Cintya, because now I have achieved that – but at only a fraction of the price! YESSSSSSSS! Also, Cintya does also have a few things left in her little shop, go check it out – expecially if you’re looking for some great bargains, with goods from both Australia and Japan!

Other adorable Lepsim looks that I will be emulating. Or, just viewing from afar and drooling over:

Oh wait, let’s not forget the actual Lowrys Farm label, too! Oh my, put it in a bag and give them all to me right now:

* The mori girls (森ガール) belong to a Japanese subculture. ‘Mori’ means forest in Japanese, and mori girls look like fairytale forest wanderers in their loose dresses, vintage prints and quaint accessories. Mori girls choose to live their lives on their own terms, stopping to appreciate the little things that others overlook amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

16 thoughts on “OH JACKET, MY JACKET.

  1. M says:

    cute jacket!!
    iam going to be selling some of my clothes too, still no job~ please link me when the site is up thank u!

    selling some magazines here though: luffpuff.tumblr.com

    1. Heh, I can’t wait till your clothes shop is up – I’ll be poring over that too (wardrobe stalker)!

      Oh mags! As much as i love them, I’ve recently given away half of my collection (oy) – may paw them them too, in any case!

  2. I have a thing for jacket! I would own all the ones i’ve seen and like buuuut you see there this place called, TEXAS…and South TEXAS has NO WINTERS! hahaha! So there you have it 😛

    1. Yeah, in Australia we have hardly any uses fro thick jackets – well, at least we don’t seem to need them too much in tropical Brisbane!

  3. I couldn’t help but notice you guys chatting fervently about this jacket on Twitter…i was curious to see it! It looks super lovely!! AH YOU LIKE MORI GIRL TOO?! I’m in love with mori fashions and all the pictures you posted!! Too bad I was fooled…all the models were white but of course it’s a Japanese brand. hahaha oh well! I’ll keep doing my best in the states xD

  4. I hate youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! All this cute Mori girl stuff… when I have to save for income tax.. why must you post such things 😡 WHYYY~

    > n <

    the pig in the postcard is funny .. Reminds me that I have more post cards I should send out :0

  5. Ohhh! What a cute jacket!! Love the alternative-ness of it :D:D

    It’s actually been between 50F-60F these days x__x some winter! It’s usually colder this time of year :T?

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