GIVEAWAY; numero tres

HEY, 100 FOLLOWERS: So I promised a giveaway when I reached a nifty 100 FOLLOWERS. So kids, I’m not one to flake on promises – follow the instructions below and enter at will! I’m sure these nifty little gifts will go to a loving home – remember to follow/subscribe to my blog before entering!


  • TSUMORI CHISATO: Medium-sized nylon pouch. Perfect for storing away your cosmetic doodads and to stop them from migrating fiendishly around your handbag.
  • BEAUTY DIARY: Face masks. The only face masks that don’t turn me into some crazy sloppy mess.
  • DECO SEAL: Adorable Deco Deal stickers foR making all things cute and adorable. Picked up from my trip to Japan.
  • KUTUSITANYANKO IPHONE 4/4S CASE: San-x cat case made from durable TPU. The cute little cat ears will keep you amused for ages.
  • PUDDING PENS: Set of 10 gel pens that can be used to write on anything.  Nails, glass, paper, polaroids, anything.


Anyone, even the bum on the street (providing they have internet access and a postable address. Oh wait)! I’m willing to ship internationally so no worries if you live outside Australia.

I’ll be utilizing to select a random number and then match that to a person’s comment number on this blog entry. Replies and double comments won’t be counted into this. Only the person’s first entry will be counted and all of my REPLIES WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE TOTAL! *I should not use Pokemon references, but look, I just did! Oops!

Just comment on this entry making sure to fill in the email text area so I can contact you if you win! *If you’re not interested but still want to comment please let me know in your comment!! Or else I’ll assume you’re interested in the giveaway.

I’ll leave this entry open for a whole week. The winner will be posted on my March 15th, 2012 Blog Entry!


GIVEAWAY; numero tres

29 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY; numero tres

  1. JL says:

    Congrats! Cute kitty case! I’m always in love with cute stuff, but never use them because I’m not a very cute-sey person at all! Hahahha

  2. sarah says:

    Hey jayne, im 108! Congrats on reachin 100, super awesome! The giveaways are so freakin cute! Count me in 😀 n I look forward to reading more of ur blogs.

  3. pudding brand pens… that’s so deceiving.. they are cute and called pudding.. I might end up eating something like that by accident :B

  4. SP says:

    Hello Jayne!

    Congratulations! Your blog is great! 🙂
    Anyways, your pictures are so nice, especially the coffee. Your pictures influenced me to drink coffee. I like it! 🙂

  5. Tiffany says:

    Congrats on your 100 followers!
    I feel like I should start commenting on your blog posts, instead of scrolling though my google reader, and maybe this is the perfect chance to begin ;D

  6. Claudia says:

    congrats :)! i’ve been following your blog for a while and i’m glad that more people are finding out about it!

  7. Cecilia says:

    Hurray for 100 followers! I don’t comment often, but I’ve been reading your blog for a long time – there’s probably a crowd of us lurkers too. 🙂

  8. Yay for all the subscribers!! But who wouldn’t?? I’m #115 ❤ I've been wanting to get the kitty case but haven't yet.. SUPER CUTE!!

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