So it’s been a while since … well, I’ve been lurking the Internet. I would love to blame “being busy”, “planning wedding things” or “travel”, but the plain, and somewhat glaringly pathetic truth is – I’ve been reading Hunger Games (yes, all three books, not just the lousy Movie Tie In). But, saying this, I have been out and about, I recently returned from my holiday in New York (awesome) and Taiwan (awesome), I have fainted in a major shopping centre and have subsequently relieved myself of my breakfast in a food court (not very awesome), I have spent the large part of a day in hospital (very not awesome at all) and have performed okay, albeit deliriously neurotic, in a job interview (not sure about the level of awesomeness, but it credits an allllllriiiiggghttt). So I guess I can actually hide behind the mysterious curtain of “busy”.

Now I would love to go right ahead and plunge into the awesomeness of my holiday in New York (and all of the wacky things going on around me), but I don’t feel like I’ve actually finished capping off my trip to Beijing – in that way, I have to come clean and apologise for being a lazy sod. Also, to apologise, for soon I plan to confuse you all with my convoluted timeline of photographs and memories. Yes, I’m going to Do An Evil and mix up my posts from Beijing with those from New York. I know, I know, you hate me.

Before I do start assailing you all with all forms of mental torture, just a few website updates:

  • The winner of the giveaway, Cindii, has recieved her giveaway things! Hooray!
  • I will be updating more frequently due to the sheer number of blog posts and crazy things I have to share with you all (we’ve all heard this before, but work with me here folks, it might just come to fruition).
  • I will be trying my hand at a few more arty-type things, so stay tuned for my adventures in Craft.
  • Wedding-orientated posts will become a more frequent apparition. I know right. Be scared. Be very scared.
PS. I now have an unhealthy addiction to Graniph shirts, especially since they’ve altered their “SS” cut to accommodate those of us with abnormally long abdomens. I didn’t buy as many as I wanted in Taiwan as the shop girl had freaky creeper-stalker eyes. Uuggghhh. Luckily you can buy them online.

Andy Cheung vol.01 Colour splashed floral grenade – a vivid image of life and death from the artist, Andy.

World of Fantasy Vivid world of coloured balls. A fantastic graphic experience.

Christine Berrie vol.01 Retro camera madness from Christine Berrie. One for camera nerds worldwide.


Heiko Windisch vol.02 Surreal mash-up courtesy of Heiko Windisch. 

Yeah, yeah, shameless capitalistic post. Tomorrow? On to the good stuff.


2 thoughts on “A LOT HAS HAPPENED.

  1. Well, it definitely sounds like you live a very busy and productive life. Me? I’m just being a bum. D=

    A few years ago, I was given The Hunger Game book (the first one?) for Christmas a few years ago and I regret never reading it before the movie came out. I still plan on reading, but now I’m probably going to picture the actors from the movie when I read the book.

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