I’ve just realised that I haven’t yet shared the many pictures that I managed to accrue from my explorations in organising a little get-together with a few friends for our engagement party celebrations. How remiss of me! So, for those who are unfamiliar with Brisbane, it was held at the Continental Cafe, which despite it’s name, manages to serve up much more than just coffee and cake – although it does do a mean coffee and cake. Continental Cafe’s byline is noted as: “17 years of late lunches” so as you can probably tell, there is much ado with feasting and eating till you’re stuffed at this location.

The restaurant has a cute french provincial feel to it – think massive tapestries alongside rustic chandeliers and exposed beams – so a cosy little place to share in hearty food. The nice people at Continental also typed up and printed us some custom menus – although they got a little enthusiastic with their exclamation marks, resulting in: “Nan & Jane Engaged !!”

My pretty people: Fi (my sister) and Steve, Cliff and Jasper, a cute Vivi holding my one of my hand-stamped wedding favours (and a peace sign, courtesy of Jen).

These were the little favour bags that I spent the previous morning making – out of large lunch bags (cut down to small ones), some Ikea twine I picked up years before and the adorable Kikki.K stamp kit I received from Thomas – they were a hit and every bit of candy was consumed with fervour.

As much as we would of loved to invite ALL OF THE PEOPLE, we were constrained by the size of the place – we tried to keep our numbers down. We managed to squeeze seventeen of us into the restaurant’s back room, which turned out to be a pleasant number. Time between courses was spent eating sweets and joking about (oh and photo-spamming).

A few more of our lovelies: Joe and Kathy, Clifford Face and the ever-beautiful Jess Jess!

My dearest Kathy (and Joe) also bought us the sweetest engagement gift all the way from Taiwan! That’s right, little fluffy, alpaca bride and groom set! The girl alpaca is cotton-candy pink decked out with pears and a tiny little taira and veil while the man alpaca is actually a little stouter around the neck and legs and is proudly sporting a skinny tie! She’s insisted we incorporate them into the ceremony (I’m thinking that the rings can be attached to them somehow)!

Now on to the NOMS – which I think everyone wants to hear about more than everything else – the menu was quite decadent – and filled with all forms of intensely delicious and incredibly heavy food – quintessential European fare mixed with a handful of eclectic and seasonal meals – feel free to salivate.

Chilli-salt cuttlefish, wild rocket leaf salad, sesame dressing.
Risotto aux fruits de mer, roast tomato & garlic, local prawns,fish, mussels.
Spaghetti, prawns, baby spinach, smoked bacon, chilli, lemon.
Vincotto glazed turkey breast, sage and onion stuffing, peach and green bean salad, raw cranberry sauce.
Roasted vine-ripened tomatoes, put lentil ragout, chick peas, grilled haloumi.
A spoonful of Parisian fairy floss.
Sicilian cassata, marzipan coated sponge, liqueur, candied fruit.

And that was only a handful of the dishes that were available – so as you can see, pretty much everyone was happily stuffed by the end of the night (well, at least I hope they were)! To top everything off, we decided to indulge in some group photography – mind you the first shot was supposed to be “normal” and the second shot was supposed to be “like a boss”. Um, I’m not sure if we got it right or not – but at least we tried!



  1. When the food pictures appeared, I heard myself say in my head, “oh baby”


    The engagement party looked so fun!!! AND TEH ALPACA. YES.

  2. The alpacas will be a superb addition to your wedding!! 😀 Your friends look like so much fun too!! 😀 Happy wedding planning for you and Nan!!

  3. cincincintya says:

    OMG wedding alpacas!! Good luck and have fun with the wedding planning~ I really like the hand painted wedding invitations from the previous post~ ehehe

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