Well, Kimbra absolutely kicked all forms of buttock last night – her intense, pumped performance had everyone bouncing along to her addictive tunes – and she also sang out tracks from her newly revised Vows album (which I have obtained in the Australian Tour Edition album) – including Warrior and Come Into My Head.

Propped up on the balcony at an odd angle, we had a fairly odd point of perspective to work with, but at least there weren’t super tall people in front of us – the downside? We had a pair of loud blondes taking photos with their iPhones AND FLASH behind our heads – they SHOUTED AT EACH OTHER OVER THE TOP OF KIMBRA. Seriously, if you’re going to do that, just leave and go chat outside. Ugh. Another less-than-kosher interruption was provided group of friends, towing along their short friend asks if their friend can slip in in front of me, as she’s so short. I felt like telling them that maybe they should of thought of that earlier, and possibly NOT BE LATE– but let their short friend in anyway – next thing I know, her 6ft girlfriend also decides to “slip in”. Pain, agony and foot stomping ensues. Etiquette at gigs, people, figure it out or stay out.

Beside all of this drama, the gig was absolutely stunning – also, no bans on photography or video, which was both a great thing and not so great thing – I’ve always wanted the opportunity to snag photos at a concert (all the gigs I’ve gone to in the past haven’t allowed it). The downside? Phones in the face. Lucky we were propped up on the balcony because it wasn’t really a big issue at all – but  I sincerely felt sorry for the poor sods down on the floor – all you would be able to see would be a score of glowing phone screens and a tad bit of Kimbra’s face between it all. But, I have to admit, I’ve experienced worse crowds before, and apart from the strange few that insisted on using flash (ugh), the crowd was fairly well-behaved.

Anyway, besides all of my complaints, the concert exceeded by expectations – the sound at the Tivoli was amazing – with stunning acoustics and her skilled band backing her up (oh my gosh, they were fantastic) – her voice soared over her adoring masses (us)! She also managed to slip in an outfit change – as you can see here – from Silver Puffball and Grandmother’s Quilt-Making Scraps Coat to Epic-Red Hot-Mess Tutu. A woman of many skills.

FINALE SONG: Cameo Lover, with a metric load of coloured confetti.

All the photos were taken with my tiny (and trusty) EP-1 and my Panasonic 45-200mm f/4.0-5.6 Lumix G Vario MEGA OIS Zoom micro four thirds lens – a lens I highly recommend for anyone with an Olympus or Panasonic micro four thirds unit and a penchant for taking epic zoom shots – and yes, at full extent the f-stop chokes up to 5.6 – yes, I was shooting at a concert with it.

Call it skill.

Or insanity. 

I even managed to score a little video for you all! EXCITED, MUCH?

Now I can’t spend a minute
Now I can’t steal the time
I’ve lost all my friends like money
I’ve lost all my men to the sky

Can’t keep your loving from my mind
It’s worth more than gold, crystals and pride
Ready to shake these stars from me

But I can’t withdraw your heart from mine
No, I can’t withdraw your heart from mine
No, I can’t withdraw your heart from mine

Just a little pointer – if you do wish to use my pictures, be sure to e-mail me or leave a comment and add a little prompt to me – that would be lovely. I can also send you hi-res photos if you so wish. E-mails can be flicked to iamjayjayne (a) YUP YUP. OH YES, so this is Musical May, because I’m off to see Florence + the Machine next Saturday with my lovelies – PSYCHED – yeah, get ready for even more photos kids. I’m on a roll.

* Even after three years of industrious usage, I’m still not going to leave my EP-1 and I prefer it over our Nikon D90 any day.



  1. brisbanedevoured says:

    Oh you are so lucky to have gone! I love that red dress of hers. Kimbra is amazing, I wish I looked like her!

  2. Hi, I’ve just stumbled upon your blog. ^^ I really like your website design! So cute and original 🙂

    I’ve only heard a few songs of Kimbra’s, but I really liked the ones I heard. She’s so unique and different from the usual mainstream music these days. As seen from your photos, she wears some awesome clothes, too. I really love that colorful jacket thingy.

    Those are some amazing photographs! I’m so jealous you got to go to the concert 😛 I haven’t gone to a single concert yet! (Yeah, I know, kind of hard to believe >.<)

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