RETRO: Wallpaper to the rescue!

Well, because I am a sucker for punishment, I’ve decided that planning a wedding isn’t stress enough. No, I’ve decided that if I’m going to subject the people around me to a torrent of madness, it might as well be worth it – I’m going to give them a full dose of crazy and then see who sticks around to view the aftermath.Yes, I am in the process of purchasing a house – areal abode. And yes, it’s a wreck. If this were a boat and we were on the high seas, this house would be under those high seas and I would be floating on a little dinghy drinking a bottle of rum while singing horrible piratey-songs in a gnarly, yet somehow alluring voice melting with melancholy. Yes, the house that I have bought is old. In fact, it’s about 50-years-old and has the retro wallpaper and asbestos inlaid bathroom to prove it.

So yes, here’s to me driving everybody who will sit still long enough, crazy with my housey-exploits. Since I don’t get the keys to the house until the 30th of August, there’s still a long way to go yet before I can start breaking down kitchens and peeling off disgusting wallpaper – but just you wait, those days will come! This blog will soon become more than just a crazy lady blog about random wedding things and food, and will morph into a crazy lady blog about random wedding things, food and house-renovating madness. As you can probably image, my friend’s are both elated for me and slightly hesitant – as I will be calling “Pizza House Days” for painting expeditions, where will most likely end up painting each other Antique White U.S.A. until we collapse with pizza stains on our faces and beer drool running lazily down our shirts. I assure you, I’ll find a better title for these painty-jaunts other that “Pizza House Days”, because that sounds more like it should be the title of as really horrible Korean drama where a handsome, yet poor fellow makes pizzas for a living, meets a rich, yet aloof girl and somehow someone gets cancer.

To get me through all of the crazy, I’ve got a pile of magazines, Ikea kitchen brochures and trusty Pinterest to keep me inspired. And so, without further ado, here are some pretty ideas for spaces that I so deeply desire to emmulate, or at least wistfully gaze upon. With wistfulness.

As you can probably tell, I have a thing about white walls. Man, I love a good white wall.

If you have white walls, human beings look better in a room than if you have red walls.
Minoru Yamasaki



  1. I vote for photos 1 & 2. They are awesome! I had that bigass lamp in my home when i was growing up, just with a marble white base. It was pretty cool!

    1. I’m trying to convince Nan that I need a big ass lamp – for some strange reason he believes that every picture I show him is EXACTLY what I want down to every little detail.

      HE SO CRAZY.

  2. Desmond Ling says:

    If you can’t find the wall clock in photo 3 in aussie, i know where to buy it in Miri. 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to see your home decor! Asbestos can really bring out the personality in a nook, don’t you agree?

    I hope you mean off-white for walls, my parents, being Asian, decided to paint our walls with hospital white once and it did not turn out well without proper natural / installed lighting.

    best of luck with all the crazy planning! You’re such an adult now haha

    1. Asbestos for the win! We’re going to have to shell out $$$ to have it removed from the bathroom – and then shell out more $$$ to have a new one installed! Ugh!

      Yup, that Antique White USA is a slightly beige white – not stark, so I’m in good hands!

      I’m feeling so old right now – but still feel like a i need to have a qualified adult helping me run my life!

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