I’ve titled this page “coffee” instead of my usual “food” post title due to the fact that I didn’t actually manage to scrounge up the time to take part in the delicious food served up here at Lady Marmalade – yes, I’m a shocker, aren’t I? I fairly new cafe that blesses the Stones Corner area in Brisbane, this establishment boasts so many awards and recommendations that the walls (that aren’t covered with kitsch paraphernalia) are aglow with them.


 Bar stools of the vintage kind.


Ginger beer, anyone?

Boasting an all-day breakfast menu, a huge selection of freshly constructed gourmet sandwiches and deliciously roasted Genovese coffee, I really should of made the stomach space to give it a whirl. Unfortunately, due to a bit of  GPS glitch (I was actually wanting to give Vintage Kitchen Vintage Cupboard a shot), I had run out of time – well, not only that, I was running out of patience. This woman needs her coffee fix before 10AM or she starts to throw things. Like shoes. And expensive things.


Alligator in the lights?

So keeping my slim time-frame in mind, I decided to grab a coffee and then flick into a few of the shops in the where abouts. I was greeted at the crowded counter with two friendly smiles (it’s a little packed behind the counter) and a red-eyed goat figurine for my table number. Okay, so the goat was a little creepy – I was eyeing off the adorable rhinoceros, but the couple in front of me managed to snag it before I could get my grubby paws on it – so creepy bleary-eyed goat was in my possession.


Red-eyed goat is red-eyed.

Perched on a gaudily upholstered bar stool and over-looking the sidewalk seating – I had a perfect view of the food cruising past me to their owners – I drooled readily and began making my food wish-list. When my coffee did arrive, I practically drank it up through my nose. Delicious.


A cup of Genovese


The goat peers over my coffee.

I’m definitely planning to head back when I can scrounge up the time to actually enjoy a sit down meal – and maybe, just maybe, i’ll be able to grab up the rhinoceros before anyone else does.

Lady Marmalade Cafe
(07) 3324 2480269
Logan Rd,  Shop A
Stones Corner, QLD 4120

Lady Marmalade Cafe on Urbanspoon


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