Now, that I’ve got the dress done (for those who aren’t in the social-loop, yes I finally found a day that I wasn’t randomly called in to work to purchase a wedding gown), I’m looking at other wedding-related accessories – that’s right, it’s time to get snap happy with shiny bling and all sorts of head-gear. And I mean the sparkly sort of head-gear, not the orthodontic sort. Although, on my head, it might as well convert to orthodontics, as I expect I’m going to look like a bit of a fish-out-of-water. I don’t do glamour very well. Well, okay, at all – I’m more of a holey-jeans and dishevelled t-shirt kind of girl. I think the French call it déshabille? I call it: “Ick.”

So all the peeps in the know about the topic say that you should “consider your wedding gown and what type of wedding you are having. Are you having a very casual wedding, or a very formal one? You also need to consider the length of your hair and what kind of hairstyle you will want to wear. If you have longer hair, will it be up or down?”

Okay so – a) a traditional wedding, complete with pouffy white dress, lots of lace, church and plenty of relatives, b) hair in a low casual bun-thing, preferably to one side. Hopefully, by next year, I’ll have hair that doesn’t look like something a cat threw up on your welcome mat. These two factors have…told me nothing much. Tradition dictates that I must don a veil – everything else tells me nada about what length I should be choosing or if I require another headpiece underneath, or if I should just give up now and wear a silky chicken on my head instead.

What I do know is that I will not be turning my head into the second bouquet – everyone loves fresh flowers, but no one wants bees circling their scalp in a hideous tango/ laden with pollen. Eek. I’m thinking something posh, simple, yet still stunning – and not a typical upright tiara. I mean, princesses are cool, and all that, but I prefer them in my Disney movies, not playing out in real life.

So choices? Comb? Hipster tiara? Headband? Pin?


Style 147: Bridal crystal, pearl and bead headband – Double band golden tiara – gold or silver.

The prettiest topper of numerous beads and rhinestones with a unique double band design

  • double banded headband
  • many wired rhinestones and beads
  • gold with ivory accents OR silver with white accents
  • available in gold (on model) or silver (last photo)

From Twigs & Honey, I have to admit this is right up there with being one of my favourites – shame it’s so bloody expensive. I’m also not sure if it’ll go well with my dress. Shameshame.
Style 240: Bridal headpiece, tiara, headband – Golden flower and rhinestone headpiece.

An amazing headpiece of crystals and faux golden flowers will make any bride feel regal on her wedding day.

  • features countless rhinestones and hand wired crystals
  • gorgeous faux gold flower charm accents
  • hand wired to a rhinestone trimmed gold plated headband
  • available in gold/ivory as pictured

Another stunner from Twigs & Honey, although this one looks a little odd, when shown front-on. Maybe a little too lopsided to be practical.
Starry Stars Headband – Style# SS103

A bold statement headpiece (tie-back headband style) that would surely wow the crowd and make you the Star of your big day! This piece features Swarovski rhinestone embellished Star charms, Swarovski crystals and rhinestones of various sizes, and resin pearl beads. Each element was carefully hand assembled onto a hand-wired crystal rhinestones base to make this Wish Piece exclusive design.

  • star charms in various sizes – adorned with Swarovski crystal rhinestones
  • headband base with countless hand-wired genuine crystal rhinestones
  • all hand-wired Swarovski crystals and rhinestones, genuine crystals, and resin pearl beads
  • poly organdy tie-back ribbon in sheer ivory(color can be changed upon request)

Such a cute headpiece but I don’t think I’ll get away with wearing it during the actual ceremony (although, I’m thinking a fun little piece to wear through the reception)! It’s so cute! Quickly, someone hold me!

This piece is made from 14 inches of gorgeous double band rhinestone trim is attached to silk ribbon ties in the color of your choice (White or Light Ivory). The ends of the ribbon are also embellished front and back with trim detail for the perfect finishing touch.

  • 14 inches of double band rhinestone trim – ovals are 5/8 inch at the widest point.
  • 20 inch silk ribbon ties with 1 inch of rhinestone detail at the ends.

A classic double headband that I think will look amazing with a casual low hair-do. Although, I freak out having bow-things trailing down my back – I always think I’m going to snag it on something. Possibly a moving vehicle.



Lux Collection – A double strand of ivory fresh water pearls make this headband the perfect finishing touch for a vintage inspired look. The pearls are attached to a luxurious double faced satin ribbon in the color of your choice.

  • 2 x 20 inch strands of pearls
  • 20 inch satin ties – White, Light Ivory, Cream, Black, Silver, Blush, Tan, or Stone
Okay, I have to admit, this has to be the easiest to make yourself – and i can see myself making this with my eyes closed – simple and sweet, and I really don’t think it’s worth 148 clams. Ooo.


This crystal headband is perfect for your wedding or everyday! 15 inches of rhinestones are attached at the back to elastic for the perfect comfy fit.

  • Available in Rose Gold, Gold or Silver

I find this little rhinestone band of leaves absolutely adorable – and easy to plant on your head. Also, this woman’s hairstyle in this shot? Pretty much exactly what I want. Love it!

Feather headband – Roselle – $114.00

We love these soft ruffled feathers and complementing rhinestone brooch. Our feather headband is made with ruffled feathers, rhinestone brooch and attached to a thin 1/8 inch silver headband.

  • This feather headband is shown in ivory

Photography by Candice Benjamin

Oh, this is so adorable! I’m usually not a fan of feathers at all, but this little rhinestone pin with a small flare of feathers has caught my eye.

PIA Bridal Brooch Style Comb – $79.00

  • 2 1/4″ x 3″ crystal brooch hand wired onto silver metal comb
  • Silver with clear crystals

So posh – and I can see how you could pull off this with a veil in tow. Not too big, but big enough to make your scalp look super posh. Love it!

So many choices, so much time, and I’m confused again, someone help me out here!



  1. The Starry Stars Headband is so romantic, so my vote goes for that one. But the PIA Bridal Brooch Style Comb is gorgeous too and very elegant.

  2. OHH MANNNN so many choices…and they’re all beautiful. Good luck with this~
    I really love the first three headbands….they are so pretty…..I also like the super simple one….the perry lux one~!!!!!


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