My newest obsession is cross stitch. Yes, the granny’s past-time (apart from making ridiculously thick cups of tea, patting cats and gummily approaching children and tempting them with age-ambiguous candy).But there you go, every girl’s got to have a hobby of sorts, you can’t just have girls flapping around free with nothing to do – and since I do actually spend a large quantity of my spare time drinking coffee, I thought I had better add a hobby that suits such vigorous activity – Felting? Too fluffy. Plaster sculpting? Too messy. Poly clay? Too fiddly. So, cross stitch it was.

So, I’ve been trying my hand at a little bit of font-work for starters, and with the added awesomeness of painted hoops (yes, here’s me dabbling with a little bit of the spare gouache paint I’ve had around), a little bit of magic comes to play.



  • It’s a maddenly twee past-time that will make your friends think that you have a granny-issues.
  • It’s a portable hobby – you, for instance, don’t need to bring around a pile of vaguely obstetric instruments to get some stitching done.
  • Cross stitch needs are comparatively blunt to many other on the market (think tapestry needles) – so if you stab yourself, it won’t be enough to draw blood.
  • Cross stitch needles are STILL NEEDLES. Which means if anyone bothers you, and if you inflict enough force, you can draw blood and possibly disable an eyeball.
  • You get to make offensive art, but it’s kitsch, so it’s okay. For reference, check out Subversive Cross Stitch – cross stitching for those with anger management issues.
  • If you can count, you can cross stitch.
  • ALL OF THE PRETTY COLOURS. With floss from DMC and Anchor, you can pretty much paint with all the colours of the wind – Pochahontas-style. Also, you don’t understand the joys that a small bundle of metallic thread will bring to your life until you have cross stitched.

I’m in the process of making little motivational hoops for a few friends – but I’ll probably be doing a give-away for my “HEART A HIPSTER” hoop soon, if people are interested! Also, if you’re wondering where I’ve got my lettering from – I used the Cross Stitch Writing Tool – which allows you to generate pretty much any phrases you want, in four different cross stitch fonts and two different backstitch fonts – all of which are ADORABLE.



  1. Extremely gorgeous colors!

    I almost disabled an eyeball once while stitching with an extremely long thread. Good thing he was wearing eyeglasses then. I can still remember how hard my heart pounded when I realized what I had almost done!

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