“A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul.”
Phillip Moffitt

In my recent fervour to become an adult, I’ve made a small step towards the shining light of senility by purchasing an abode. Not just any abode – a 1950’s gem – complete with embossed wallpaper, foam ceiling tiles, an asbestos bathroom and loo and a bathroom bedecked with both lemon-fresh paint and laminated “wood” cupboards. Yes, I bought a stunning piece of work. Also, wall sconces. An abundance of wall sconces.
However, despite my apparent disgust (and sneezing) in the property, I am actually thrilled – I’ve been heading to the house every day since I purchased the op-shop-lot and have been shelling it with a heart filled with joy – and if Jasper happens to be around, lungs full of Disney Soundtrack tunes – which is preferable to the alternative. Which is…dust.
In last five days since settlement, we’ve managed to scrape down the walls of the three resident bedrooms and the shot-gun hallway – making the space brighter by ten-fold. Luckily for us, the previous owners, before the previous owners thought it was appropriate to wallpaper over the wallpaper in one of the bedrooms. In the hallway, they decided it was appropriate to wallpaper over the wallpaper over the wallpaper. Yes, that’s right, THREE LAYERS OF WALLPAPER.
Just yesterday the lovely Jasper came over to lend a hand (and her height) and we effectively managed to shave off a bedroom’s worth of foam ceiling tiles. Lucky for me, Jasper is tall and maintains upper body strength as if I were left to my own devices in the matter I would of had to have at least five water breaks – this task is not one that I can perform with much skill. Also, hurty-arms. We also managed to remove the majority of these strange “over the window” curtain boxes. I assume they were originally put into place to somehow conceal the tops of the curtains, thus making the rooms appear more streamlined. I guess it’s 70’s logic – because they make the rooms look poky.
So, today is day seven after settlement and I am yet to connect any electricity to the property, but I’ve definitely flagged the new Ikea magazine with enough Post-its to slap a banker with. I’ve also made the bold step of tentatively pre-ordering a handful of Eames (replica, don’t judge, I can’t afford genuine) chairs and I’m stock-piling art like a squirrel and nuts for Winter. I still feel like I need more artwork in my abode – so if a) You’re feeling generous and would like to send me a house-warming gift, or b) Can suggest some great local/otherwise artists I can investigate – PLEASE DO. I WILL THINK YOU ARE AWESOME FOREVER AND EVER.



  1. I’ve always been grossed out by wallpaper because of the homes our family has owned and the rooms with wallpaper were always kind of smelly…

    But the wallpaper in your new home actually looks really chic and retro! Makes me almost believe in wallpaper again haha

    1. Haha, the rooms smell kind of off – and we’ve managed to scrag about 95% of the wallpaper – just have a few spots behind some wardrobes left – we are retaining none of it, which is making some of my vintage-happy friends on Twitter cry! OH WELL, BYE BYE SMELLY!

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