Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston.

There’s something disarming about a loveable douche-bag – isn’t there? There’s always that tang of “OH MY GOODNESS, THEY SAID THAT?” that whips through your mind when they release a string of laboriously linked together phrases into the atmosphere, yet you can’t help but want to give them a big squishable hug around their mid-section. Even while you’re laughing derisively. That’s exactly the aura that surrounds Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield) in New Girl. When I first watched the show, he was the character that really stood out to me as utterly hilarious – his attempts to impress always ended up with a dollar (or more) contributions to the “Douchebag Jar”.Image


I was recently given a fantastic clip of how to avoid contributing to the “Douchebag Jar”  – suitably titled: “New Girl Roommate Advice: Ways To Avoid The Douchebag Jar” it showcases some of Schmidt’s best lines in one compact clip!

And here’s a bit of juiciness for those out there who love and adore New Girl – yes, I’ve managed to get my paws on a handful of the cutest clips of the boys (I’ve only got clips of Lamorne and Jack, at present, but I’ll add the one for Max as soon as I can) doling out a bit of a heart-to-heart about their characters.

Max Greenfield talks about starring as Schmidt in NEW GIRL:
  • On why audiences connected with NEW GIRL
  • On how Schmidt will evolve
  • On NEW GIRL’s interpretation of modern relationships
  • On the ensemble’s strong chemistry


Winston (played by the amazingly hilarious Lamorne Morris) is ridiculously competitive, and after returning from playing basketball for Latvia (yes, Latvia, folks) he finds it difficult to find work – he has the attention span of a 4-year-old addled with red cordial and helium. Some of my favourite scenes with Winston occur in Fancyman Part II – his ability to let go and blast word-perfect renditions of songs off the Wicked soundtrack had me in a belly-ache of giggles.

Lamorne Morris (who plays Winston) talks about New Girl, in particular:

  • Lamorne Morris talks about starring as Winston in NEW GIRL:
  • On his thoughts on the first season of NEW GIRL
  • On his role as Winston
  • On his favorite episodes from Season 1 of NEW GIRL


Mr. Nick Miller – possibly the most pessimistic and emotional character to hit the screens since Eeyore and his saggy daggy tail. Miller is a law school dropout turned bartender who has also gone through a slightly-less-recent break up – to say that he’s “bitter” would be a bit of an understatement.

Jake Johnson (who plays Nick Miller) talks about New Girl, in particular:

  • On looking back at the first season of NEW GIRL
  • On the evolution of Nick
  • On Nick experiencing a bad breakup
  • On his favorite episode from Season 1

New Girl Season 1 on DVD is available to buy from October 10 (tomorrow!), and you can pre-order your copy now here. Or, you know, pick it up tomorrow!



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