I’ve had a large number of enquiries as to the status of our house renovations – and many times I’ll reply with monosyllabic neanderthal-like tones. In reality, the house is actually progressing with surprising speed – and also, with an astonishingly large amount of money being funnelled into the whole thing. Yes, we did budget quite a bit of cash to the whole affair – but still that amount of money was no compromise for the “little surprises”. Yes, those little surprises – like the cost of windows. Or the cost of replacing the architraves when the window guy then bashes them out while he’s putting your windows in with ham-fisted accuracy.

Anyway, since I’m currently being blasted away with the power of an on-going headache and a cup of overwhelmingly strong black tea, I’m going to allow the below miniature gallery of shots to talk for themselves. Just a little heads-up, these shots are not very recent. In fact, these shots were taken BEFORE our Reno Guy (Sam) had even started heaving the ceilings out – these images give you an idea of the tragedy that we had to work with. Yes, hark! Wooden wall panelling!



    1. Heh, I can’t wait! They’re plastering up the holes and the entire downstairs right now – so here’s hoping the wood panelling disaster is over!

      Ugh, I know that there’s a fan base for the wooden panelling, but TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!

          1. Thanks for your links! I’ll try them. Although I prefer Photoshop Actions at all. But your photos made my day today, and I really want to try these effects. Thank you!

  1. You guys are doing a great job!! Well, that’s what it looks like when I look at the photos you upload hahaha~ I’m sending happy energy towards you guys! You are gonna have a badass house!!!!!

  2. Looks like the renovation is… going!

    But I can’t help but comment that the filter makes it look like your house is from The Ring…


    Will you use a happier filter for the “after” photos?? xP

    1. Haha – yeah, that was the idea – to make my “after” pictures looks more…gleeful! As long as Sadako doesn’t randomly emerge from my telly, we’ll be a-ok!

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