le Stash.

After being a bit of an internet leech over the past few weeks, I got into my head that I needed to turn my immense Instagram photo collection into a tangible form. Yes, that’s right, I made select portions of my burgeoning gallery into ITSY BITSY STICKERS (and awesome polaroid-esque photo cards). So, I splurged a few of my tight dollars on a mini hoard of photographic-goodness from Printstagram.

They arrived express-post (DHL, in my case) straight from the printer – which was in Kaohsiung (in Taiwan) – encased in this A4-sized corrugated cardboard card. Neatly packaged, not a missing part and full of extreme awesomeness. Now, they keep on adding Instagram-related goodies to their retinue, but being cheap, I decided to try items that would supply me with “the most bang for my buck” – I put down $10 for 252 adorable stickers and then $12 on a set of 48 miniprints.

Tiny sticker with an adorable Japanese Spitz in it! Naww!
2 sticker books per order with a total of 252 stickers.
Each sticker is 20mm square (~0.8 inches)

I’ve gone a little crazy and have begun sticking these little sticky bits of art on pretty much everything – and the add some pizzaz to my diary (and giving me that little bit of a mind-poke, when I can’t remember what I did a few months back). I’m also planning to use them on a few “secret” projects – ooo, I just can’t wait!

Kimbra looks amazing in print.
48 prints per order
Miniprints are 8.5cm x 5.5cm.

The miniprints are just too much fun – and Come with enough blank space around them to allow you to scribble a message on them. As you can see, I’ve opted to print a lot of the my shots from New York – they’re such an amazing momento! I’ve been trying to think of a way to put them together as a large art-piece – I’ve seen people paste them up with washi on their walls in sequence, but I want a more permanent solution – perhaps framed?



  1. I’m trying to save up money but this is just so cool! I am so gonna try this. Thanks for sharing this, great photos ๐Ÿ˜€

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