Green tea mouse cake… if anyone’s wondering.

So, I tried my hand at a little video editing on my mother’s birthday recently – and yes, I used iMovie – DON’T HURT ME. I actually found it surprisingly fun to use and ridiculously simple. Of course there are several limitations – but what can you ask for? It came with my computer, so I’m going to use it, damn it. Anyway, here’s a shocking attempt at using iMovie to make…a little movie. I’m actually very proud of it. Not embedded, because I can’t be bothered changing my privacy settings.

Unfortunately, being new to the world of the video, I left my Olympus EP-1 on autofocus – thus, the grinding noise you can hear in the background. Also, you get to hear my annoying voice (and for those who haven’t met me before, I sound strangely high pitched) – and yes, that out of tune singing has to be one of my less-fine moments. Hey, I’m not a contestant on X-Factor or Whichever-Bloody-Country-It-Is Has (Apparent) Talent. An interesting tidbit? Sparkler candles are actually pretty awesome – and they really get over-excited when you go to blow them out – it’s like a dying burst of enthusiasm. SPARKLE!



  1. What a cute video! The music added on to it was really good and made it touching. If that was my mom instead, I’d probably get a little emotional/teary-eyed out of happiness I guess.

    And yes, you do sound very high-pitched. xD

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