So you know what, I haven’t posted anything on this little web-space of mine for nearly a clean two months – so should I break the television fuzz with a spouting of half-hearted promises to myself about things I’ll fail to do within a couple of weeks, because they weren’t all that important anyway? Well, should I?

Well kids, I think I won’t. I won’t make resolutions, because resolutions intend to be RESOLVED. The definition of the word resolved being:

re·solved  /riˈzälvd/

Firmly determined to do something.
To bring to a successful conclusion.

And, let’s face the facts people – how many of us have actually “resolved” any of our actual year’s resolutions? I’ve just realised, sadly enough, that my 2013 position on making “resolutions” hasn’t changed from that of my 2012 perspective. Reading back, I come off as a cynical hack that is bitter and fractured. Yup, some things never change. Also, I think I may also eat delicious things tonight. Because, well, some things never change.

Last year was a big year for events – I got a ring on my finger (an engagement ring), my sister did the same (and became Mrs. Liew in November), I purchased an abode, my Boyo and I then renovated said abode, I went to New York and Taiwan (twice) and suffered from extreme forms of jet-lag (twice) and I bought a LOMO LC-A camera. Which, to me, is a big deal.

This year promises to be just as crazy – we plan to marry in March – an event in which I will certainly be turned into bridezilla, stomping on the weak-willed in my Godzilla-fuelled tulle-clad anger. So be prepared people, there be some hyperventilating to occur in the near future.

Bring it on 2013.
I’m nervously picking at my ailing-elbow-eczema waiting for your first curve-ball.


5 thoughts on “RESOLVING YOUR RESOLUTIONS, 2013.

  1. Happy New Year Jayne!
    Sounds like 2012 was pretty awesome for you and 2013 is just going to be bigger!
    Can’t wait to go through the wedding planning process with you!

    1. Naw, thanks Lea!
      I can’t wait till my brain explodes from looking at things that are peach coloured! Oy! 😀 Well wishes with you too, my dear!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful year. 🙂
    You seem to have had a lot happening last year, and this year seems like it will possibly be just as busy. :p

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