So everybody has been asking me questions about my upcoming nuptials – when is it? What am I wearing? What’s your colour? Who are your bridesmaids? What’s you hairstyle going to be? Not that I mind being asked a million questions about my upcoming complete and utter freak-out – it’s just that although I’ve sorted out a lot of things, I’m still super perplexed about a few small details – so, to be honest, my brain has gone a little bit soggy from all of the wedding-concentration. I’ve found myself staring into the middle distance with my hand half-way to a reagent in the store-room, wondering if the lovely shade of pink that the Magnesium cartridge is clad in would work as a contrasting colour to my wedding’s peach theme.

In any case, I haven’t put much thought to my wedding hair. In fact, the only instructions that my brain seems to be conjuring up are: LOW and BUN. Which are are pretty good start. Other than that, I’m a blank. In fact, I have been thinking more about what I’m going to do with my hair AFTER my wedding. This is mostly because I absolutely abhor my currently longer-than-I-have-ever-had-it hair. I want it lopped. I want it chopped. I want it dyed a ridiculous colour and perhaps piled upon my skull like a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese.

Well, okay, maybe not THAT dramatic.

What I’m thinking is something along the lines of “Rinka Hair’ – which is apparently a cute known as “pear-shaped hair” … well, because your head ends up looking like a pear once you’ve tamed it into submission and also because Rinka’s name: 梨花, the first character of which is the kanji word for  nashi, なし, or Japanese/asian pear. And yes, I’ve realised that this trend is a few years old, but I don’t care, tis’ pretty!

544794886143046370_zKm6AIyo_c The divine Rinka. Oddly enough, I can’t seem to find a lovely picture of her hair. WHY IS THIS SO? /GOOGLEFAIL.

HAIR1 Long hair has to be kept and then mangled with tongs every morning.

HAIR3 This one would involve a perm. I’m not sure it I’m brave enough to perm my hair again, after my experiences when I was tiny (I looked like a clown).

HAIR5 Cute and simple…but perhaps too cute? 

HAIR4 This is technically not “pear-shaped” hair, I just think the cut is really cute!

Of course, she’s changed her colour (and the length of her hair is a little longer) since then but I’m looking to go essentially the same shape. Colour-wise, I’m something a little less obvious than a ginger shade – I’m loving the current balayage trend a bit too much. I find myself staring at people’s heads in envy. I’m looking to adopt something that looks a little like this:

109775309638206970_j42siQMR_c Adorable in a bun.

186266134558460350_FwMeG7uy_cThe lovely Palamaro with an asymmetrical cut and balayage.

BAY Now this is so fabulous – if only I could get away with this. Eeee! YELLOW DIP DYE!

I really should be getting my mind off post-wedding hair and into actual wedding hair. Well, maybe I’ll leave that to my next post.



  1. Man….it must be super difficult to decide. The photo of the girl in the bun – are you thinking of doing something like that for your wedding? Are you thinking about that kind of a bun or more structured…or less “messy”? I think it would adorable to have it like the photo and then have a cute tiara or something on as well~ Can’t wait to seeeeeeee~

    I’m currently growing my hair out….but then occasionally I’ll like it short and then I feel stuck. lameeeeee problems.

  2. Oh my gosh, beautiful!

    I wish I took care of my hair – if it were a person it would sue me and file a restraining order for cruel and unusual treatments

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