If you’ve ever, in you life, been to Din Tai Fung (and if you haven’t, you really should) you should probably make your way to New Shanghai. A fairly new institution in Queens Plaza, downstairs next to Coles, New Shanghai does it’s best to provide a huge range of freshly made dumplings, noodles and soups in classic Shanghai fashion. It does it’s best, but it’s definitely not in the same stakes as Din Tai Fung. Now, if you’ve been around the dumpling scene, you’ll know that the item that will make or break a restaurant of this style are the soup dumplings. That’s right, little parcels of dumplings – WITH SOUP IN THEM. Initially, when I saw it had opened I was pretty excited.


I was originally a little hesitant about visiting New Shanghai – after reading a slew of bad reviews – however a friend convinced me otherwise – she said it was “not bad” and that it wasn’t in the same league as Din Tai Fung. We decided to take our chances – it was a soggy Saturday – and besides, there really isn’t anything that compares to Din Tai Fung, so we weren’t expecting that level of dumpling professionalism.

We were lucky enough to head to New Shanghai at 11AM. Yes, we happened to be a little hungry. If we had ended up there any later, we would of been far too late – and would of had to join the masses of people lining up outside. Another fortunate happenstance was the fact that, as early eaters, we had missed the rush – our food, by no means, approached our table at haste, but I can only imagine how long the wait would of been if we had arrived at the restaurant after the noon hour.


小籠包 New Shanghai Xiao Long Bao – Steamed mini pork bun 


Appearance-wise, New Shanghai is wonderfully fitted out – with an old-1920’s-Shanghai aesthetic. Even the teapots bear amazing testimony to their attention to detail. Unfortunately, service did not reflect the same dedication, nor their prime-position location. As opposed to the cheap-eateries of Sunnybank, I’ve come to expect fair service whilst eating at city-central locations, and was sorely disappointed with the inability to flag down a waiter at this establishment. I was very close to simply leaping upon one and tying them to the table to get their attention. The other option was setting the napkin holder on fire.


蟹粉小籠包 New Shanghai crab meat Xiao Long Bao – Steamed mini crab meat & pork bun


Chopped cucumber tossed with fresh garlic

Food-wise, the dumplings were, as stated previously “not bad”. Not fabulous, just not bad. The skin was quite thick – and oddly enough, the broth was fairly salty. I found it a little strange since I usually add a soya sauce vinegar concoction to my dumplings, but was unable to due to fear of sodium poisoning. The saving grace, overall, was the price – compared to many other places in the city, the dollar signs were low. Tea wasn’t exorbitantly priced and the food was filling enough to sustain us till dinner – but in all honesty, if you want soup dumplings, don’t get your hopes high. This place provides basic sustenance at a moderate price – don’t let the surrounds fool you – New Shanghai is basically in a fancily dressed ‘burb eatery, plonked in the city.

New Shanghai

07 3108 7652

226 Queen St
Brisbane, QLD 4000
New Shanghai on Urbanspoon


23 thoughts on “FOOD: NEW SHANGHAI.

  1. Such a shame when you go to a place hoping for something more than it can deliver. There are many places like that in the UK and London alone and those that are actually great to go to and outshine these others by far tend to get pushed to the side in favour of cheap cuisine. Great post 😀

  2. Traditionally, xlb should only be dipped in black vinegar with slivers of ginger floating through it. No soy sauce at all. The dumpling should have enough flavor to not need soy sauce.

    1. This place didn’t have any of the above sauce options in any case. I guess I’m used to saying black soy vinegar because at DTF they allow you to combine your own soy/Chinkiang vingegar and ginger shreds to suit your tastebuds!

  3. I don’t feel I can really comment on quality of the xiao long bao, after all the only ones ive ever had have been here at new shanghai, taste gallery and bamboo basket. I could tell they were thicker than usual but I thought the soup broth was actually really tasty in comparison to what Ive had before. I still think its a good addition to Brisbane city, however authentic it may or may not be….

    1. Heh, I think we’ve been too spoilt by DTF so it makes everythibg else pale in comparison – which isn’t fair to New Shanghai – but to us it seemed a little too much like Market Square food and service in the city so a little off putting!

      A good eat, but if you’re looking for good service, not the best idea!

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