So it’s been a good long while since I’ve been around. I, however, did manage to remember to pay for my web host and WordPress account – so there’s a slight improvement compared to last year’s pay-through-your-nose farce. And yes, I’ve always wondered why they term – “paying through your nose” – actually, scrap that, I know now, I figure it’s because it would be pretty difficult to fish a twenty from your nostrils. Fair enough.

So I got married recently – well, fairly recently. Not very recently, but recently enough. And it was pretty cool. I managed to scrape through the few days prior to the wedding on mere shreds of sanity. And because I managed to keep my mobile phone on/around me for the majority of the hectic day, I was able to scavenge a few shots and then post them up on Instagram – being the modern married minx that I am.

My wedding. In sort-of-chronological-order.
My wedding. In sort-of-chronological-order.

Post-wedding, the amount of relief that runs through you is exhilarating. And then you get hit with a wave of sheer exhaustion. It’s all you can do to keep your brain from hopping out of your cranium to make a slow but meaningful escape for the door. For us, we planned to honeymoon it up in Japan – a fantasmically good choice – we deserved a break, but I hate sand. I hate sand with a passion. No stupidly scenic islands for me, only a sea of food, skyscrapers, ridiculously fashionable folk and fabulous shopping as far as they eye can see.

But before I can even move on to pictures from Japan, I had better complete pictures from my wedding. Scrap that, pictures from my holiday to Taiwan. Um. I think I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.



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