Every year I trawl through the increasingly difficult task of finding a yearly diary. Now, you would of thought that this would be an appropriate topic to discuss at the end of last year, or, at the very least, at the start of this year – well, in the case of a chronic diary swapper such as I, a trimester-ly update seems more than appropriate. I say this as I have to admit – I’ve switched between three diaries ALREADY this year.

I come out to you all, ashamed. Mainly as I happen to go through the same switchy-switchy drama on an annual basis. By the time it is the end of the year; I’ve forgotten my conclave of diaries completely and have resorted to writing down important reminders and updates on aging receipt paper and vainly attempting to keep them together with a last-legs elastic band.

This year I promised myself that it would not be so – I was going to be organised. I was going to do things. Cool things. I was going to remember anniversaries. I was going to remember birthdays. IT COULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME.
But no. I have not.

After the wedding, I promptly lost my first diary, procured from Kikik.K late 2012.

The second, I drenched in coffee.

The third I purchased in Japan, only to find out that it was ridiculously tiny. My hand-writing is pretty small, but I felt like I had hands made out of leg-hams whilst attempting to scribble my daily endeavours in the postage-stamp-sized splodge of paper that they had provided for “Thursday”. Yeesh.

So I have thusly purchased a new diary – a Moleskine from Larry Post. Black. Personalised. With a pen holder. And a pen.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASAKURA Pigma Micron Size 02 – Black The Pigma Micron Pen is the first fine-point writing instrument offering a water-proof, quick drying, black pigment ink. They are ideal for technical drawing, graphics, drafting and fine line illustration. Unlike dye-based ink found in most pens and markers, Pigma pigment ink is of archival quality, waterproof, fadeproof and smudgeproof on porous surfaces when dry. It does not feather and will not bleed through paper. Excellent copy machine reproduction. I LOVE THIS PEN.


I have a dusty home.     .____.




  1. Ooh I love moleskine diaries! I am really awkward when it comes to diaries as I prefer to see a whole month at a time rather than a week but there are very few diaries that show this! Luckily, I have a lovely one from moleskine that is a fantastic size for carrying around and has loads of space for me to make notes…I understand how difficult it is to find the ideal diary for you!

  2. I’m the same way – I must have at least a dozen diaries each with only 5 pages filled. I thought that having a real nice one would motivate me to write more… but alas, nope.

  3. I have had a ton of diaries and I don’t think any one of them lasted before six months. Good thing I buy cheap ones so I don’t feel bad about not writing :))

  4. just saw this post Jayne! glad you love the micro and hope the personalised Moleskine is still with you and going strong! .. at least only 6 weeks until we can all start over again 😉

    1. Ahh, how sad! I’ve only just seen this comment! Ooops, a bit of internet-fail on my part! Still trying to decide which one I want to get – I keep on returning to the website! Crazy! Only a handful of weeks left!

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