I’ve suddenly come to a foot-awakening. I have become tired of having achingly cold feet – and Winter in Brisbane has just reached it’s peak – I crave foot warmness – and not to mention toe-fuzziness – I want a pair of Uggs. And don’t take this statement lightly – after hating on Uggs being worn outdoors for many years and treating those who dare to wear them outside with faint disgust bordering on disrespect, I have overcome this allergy and it’s dawned on me: Uggs are comfortable. Ridiculously so.

So I must have a pair.

Except they’re bloody expensive. 

And the one that everyone wears are usually Made in China and deceivingly labelled: “Ugg Australia”. Which is owned by Americans. And they start around $135 USD a pair. I can’t help but think that’s a bit of a rip-off for a boot that is not actually Australian made. Yes, even despite the name.

Luckily, I’ve done my research – I won’t be buying Ugg Australia boots (unless they’re seriously discounted, I AM still a bargain-hunter at heart) and will be searching high and low for a pair of Ugg Australian Made boots instead. The style? Well, since I’m a short-arse, I’ll be on the look out for the Classic Mini boot – in chestnut.

And just to reassure you that they don’t look that bad (think Pamela Anderson, Baywatch stylee), some Pinterest inspo:




So UGS or UGH?


6 thoughts on “UGGS OR UGHS?

  1. Whoa. I used to think Uggs were ugly, too, but these outfits made me think otherwise. Perhaps it all depends on how the wearer carries the entire look. I know I’d never be able to pull these off :p

    1. Heh, I know what you mean – I’m looking for Uggs in the vain hope that I possibly could pll this off! Unfortunately, I can only seem to find knock-offs (so far)! ):

  2. cincincintya says:

    It’s amazing how out style changes as we age! I’ve noticed that my style went from look > comfort to the complete opposite!! This is the case with Uggs.

    1. cincincintya says:

      Btw I just saw that Peter Alexander have their version of ugg boots on sale for $63.20!! The colours in stock on the online store are pink and grey, but maybe you’ll have more luck in store! 🙂

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