I’ve been considering buying a yukata (浴衣 / ゆかた) for a while – and yes, I don’t live in Japan, nor am I Japanese – I don’t know why I want one – I just do. It’s probably because it’s Matsuri season in Japan and most/all Japanese folk seem to get kitted up in their finery to attend these local festivals. In any case, looking at all of these people enjoying themselves in yukata (in the broiling heat, mind you) – I can’t help but think – if I did wear one in Oz, I would probably due from heat stroke. Also, WHERE would I wear it? It’s not like the people of Brisbane make a huge habit of celebrating Japanese culture. I guess I could host multiple themed parties at my place, but then, what would be the point? I would probably want more. WHY? WHY, JAYNE, WHY?

Well, who needs a reason…I’ve just spent the last hour ooo-ing and aah-ing over some of the prettiest yukata I can find that are reasonably priced (all from Rakuten) – and they’re all hyper coloured. Well, that figures, if you’re going to wear a yukata in Brisbane, you might as well go all-out. My favourite yukata come from this shop/brand: Kimonomachi (京都きもの町). Their summer colour range is astonishing!

YUKATA006YUUUKATASAlso, they sell full sets (“3 Item” or “5 item” sets) for the yukata at this store – the “5 item” sets include a yukata of your choice, obi, obi belt, small pouch (kinchaku) and geta (wooden shoes – no socks)! You can also choose a hair accessory – ack!  I’m dying from the adorableness!


Also, check out just some of the impressive range of colours of their obi belts! Eeeyukataobi-2013

Oh, so pretty! Someone quickly come up with a reason for me to get one!



  1. I love this shop! I have a friend who bought the checkered one. You should definitely buy a yukata! You don’t need a reason at all, just like you said! I certainly don’t have reasons when I do haha 😛

  2. Pretty! But like you I wouldn”t know when to wear it and would probably get stared at/feel weird. That and I have yet to see a western person look good in it…

    1. Some people are lucky and can pull it off – I don’t think even I can pull it off! Still trying to think of events to wear them to…hmmmm, Japanese themed party?

  3. For me that would be never! Idealistically it would be best if we could just wear it for everyday events like going shopping, picknick or going to see friends but…probably not very practical and I think they are probably also not made for 1,80 meter tall people haha

  4. Diana says:

    Ahh the first yukata is really pretty! Do you by any chance still have the link to the first one that’s turquoise and light pink?

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