It’s been ages since I have had a Converse sneaker cladding my toes. Astonishing really, when you think of how I used to ONLY wear Converse – and they were always in Optical White. Always. Now I’ve grown all old and hag-y, I’m wondering if I should change-up my ingrained fashion habits? Perhaps go high top? Although, I’m never going to leave Optical White. Some things are hard to change.

Your thoughts? Hi VS Low?



  1. High tops all the way! They are still my favorite and you can always fold the tops down which also looks cute. love the optical white too! so classic 🙂

    1. Heh, I’ve never worn high tops before (amazingly) – so I’m pretty nervous about buying them! I also wear my jeans rolled up a lot – so will they look ok with the rolled-up-ness? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

  2. I just had this problem myself, but opted for the white instead of optical white because I always have trouble keeping my shoes clean. I got the low tops because it’s easier to put on and my legs look strange in high tops? Also, everyone in Japan seems to have the high tops in white right now so I’m a little bit more glad that I got a low tops.

    1. I think my legs look strange in high tops too – my calves may be too chunky, perhaps?

      Yeah, I noticed lots of people wearing high tops instead of the low cut cons while I was there too! Odd!

  3. I hate the low tops. It feels weird on my ankles and actually hurts a little bit…And my pants are too short for them so it looks weird

    1. Heh, I’m used to wearing rolled up jeans with flats, so I’ve never felt uncomfortable with low sneakers! But it looks like I need to try switching to the high tops!

  4. Well then, I’ll be the first to say it; I’m a low-tops girl! I guess one of the main reasons I prefer them is because I’m short, so they don’t cut off my legs the way high-tops do and give the illusion of height. I think they’re comfier too, since they leave your ankles free to move as they like : )

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