Jayne, you so lazy that you haven’t posted on this blog for, okay, let’s see, nearly three months now. Is it three months? Wait, two months. Well, whatever terrible value of time it has been, I just haven’t. Perhaps it’s due to my great ability at procrastinating? Yeah, I’m pretty good at that. I could turn my skills at procrastination into an art form. Considering modern art these days, I could probably record my (lack of) daily duties badly and send it into any renown gallery, under the titles of “Procrastination In A World of 100 Distractions” and get a few grand for it. Either way, I digress, I’ve been lazy. Please excuse me, I’ll get back to the normal meandering madness soon, but for today, I’m pleased to just make note:

I’m here.

I’m not dead.

I’ll eventually type up something of note.


3 thoughts on “JAYNE, YOU SO LAZY…

  1. Love your blog! I have a question. I use the Adelle theme as well and can not figure out how to get my pictures to appear bigger. Any ideas?

    1. Thats all BS. To be honest, being a great rider, with a good hradtail you can win anything. The acceleration gives a great advantage over bigger wheels. This is only hype, without any scientific or quantitative proof.As in car’s wheels, the bigger wheels, the more energy needs to roll the wheels. That means slower acae9erction….2lrs and 650b are not the holy grail, period.

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