You know when you see something on Pinterest and you just really need to have it in your life? Welp, welcome all wonderful partakers in the classic syndrome known as the “Impulse Buy”. Let’s face it, we’ve all suffered from it – that pair of shoes you just MUST have, that chocolate éclair that looks amazing in the window (and would probably look more amazing in your stomach) – yeah, we’ve all been there, bought the ripped up denim jacket. The most amazing Impulse Buy to date (well, recently) – the absolutely adorable Fossil Sydney Satchel. I saw this adorable bag, originally on Pinterest, then lusted over it at an actual Fossil shop – the downer? This amazing colour-way of black/gold is unavailable in Australia – it looks like it was either sold out completely, or not even listed for availability here. So I had to head over to the States to find a source. Of course it comes in a multitude of different colours (and some seriously retrotastic tessellations) – but I wanted the black and gold dip. Like, super bad.

The Fossil Sydney Satchel in gold dip.
The Fossil Sydney Satchel in gold dip.
The Pinterest images that first caught my eye - originally from the amazing Tieka, Selective Potential.
The Pinterest images that first caught my eye – originally from the amazing Tieka, Selective Potential.

I managed to find someone who would sell me one from the States – NIB, on eBay. This bag in Australia retails at $279 AUD – um, no where close to what it retails at in America – a very smooth $178 USD. Why the price disparity? Well, Australia Tax, of course – where everything is overpriced. In any case, I managed to pick this up at $129.99 USD (+ registered express post of $45 USD) – which is ludicrously cheaper than buying it retail here. The sigh of relief emitting from my wallet is almost audible. The good thing about express post? Getting all the things that you want, super fast! I just picked it up from the post-office this morning and I’ve tried my best to see how much I could actually pack in the damn thing – and the answer? A surprisingly huge number of items – INCLUDING my Olympus OMD E-M5. Fabulous news for me since I’m looking for something much lighter to lug my camera around!

DSC_0003 DSC_0010 DSC_0021

Fits all of my crazy junk in beautifully soft leather. Now that’s some serious skill! Going to be using this as my every-day bag from here on in!



  1. Very cute! Awesome that you scored it much cheaper, too,AND it fits your Olympus OMD~~ I find it funny that’s it’s named Sydney and it’s not available in Australia, lol. I found a Fossil bag I REALLY liked but it was almost $200 so I passed.

    1. It’s quite sad really!

      Oh well, I don’t buy handbags very often – my last handbag I bought was in New York (two years back) so I thought I might take the opportunity to treat myself! 😀

  2. marthe says:

    Hi! Love the bag! And I am considering buying it as well. and debating what size (there is a small/medium and a medium/large available) to get; what size did you get? As it looks like it can fit a lot! Would you know the dimensions of your bag?

    Love your blog!

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