I have Asian eyes. Yup – matter of fact, I am asian. What a shock. I have a non-existant eye socket. No nose bridge. No double eyelid. In fact, I’m surprised that my face isn’t actually a picture of face printed out on an A4 piece of paper and stuck to my neck with a few pieces of Sellotape. No, I wouldn’t say I have low-self-esteem nor would I say that I’m over exaggerating – I’m just stating fact – I have an Asian face and I’m kinda bored with that. Not that I dislike it in so much as I dislike my belly button – it’s there, I have one, and I haven’t really thought about it much. I just want to make it more…interesting.

I’ve always thought that winged eyeliner IS that way. Until I actually tried to achieve this look. Well, let’s just say with the addition of my lack of eyelid, this whole affair turns into a bit of a farce. A smudgy eye’d, punched-up sort of farce. So I headed into the portal that is Pinterest, with my heart in my hand and kitted up with various forms of eyeliner.


  • Getting perfect winged/cat-eye eyeliner is every woman’s dream. Getting perfect winged/cat-eye eyeliner on your face in less than an hour is a unicorn.
  • They tell you it’s really easy, but it’s actually really bloody difficult.
  • Did you know, you could use sticky-tape to get a perfect line? Well yeah, there you go. You too could have perfect eyeliner if you don’t have a galloping and rampantly disgusting allergy to generic tape (raises hand).
  • Everybody that has perfect eyeliner automatically has perfect brows. Either that or if you have perfect eyeliner and frankenstein brows, you get disowned from the Internet altogether.

So, with these points in mind (and a huge variety of different make-up tutorials and youtube channels locked into subscription) I decided to look to the pros – a few of the leading ladies in my fashion-envy list:

Eyeliner Inspiration no. 1 Gary Pepper Vintage, aka Nicole Warne.
gary-pepper-girl Nicole-Warne-reminded-us-exactly-why-she-famous-her-beauty Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink ($35). Once I tried gel eyeliner I never looked back. My trick is to apply it with a firm stick that comes with a liquid eyeliner — I buy mine for $3 from Gloss — instead of using a fine brush. I get a lot more control and it’s perfect for finishing off the end of your winged eye.”

Eyeliner Inspiration no. 2 Keiko Lynn
UP “I prefer to use MAC fluidline (in either blacktrack or dipdown – I used dipdown here) and a Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush. The bent shape makes it super easy and the brush is thin but dense, so you have more control of the thickness of your line. Also, I swear by fluidline – I kind of hate liquid liner – but it’s completely up to you!”

So after scouring the internet, I’ve become a little bit more hopeful. Hey, maybe I can pull this look off! Hey, maybe I won’t look like a panda!



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