Jayne is a 26 year-old medical scientist.

She revels in applying sarcasm, adjectives and commas at every given moment, however has a minimal grasp upon the art of spelling. As a result, the combination of these inconsistencies is headache-inducing.

She enjoys laughing like a complete moron at nothing in particular and has a wholly inappropriate sense of humor.

She has a penchant for house socks, photography, fat cats and Monster Hunter.

She loves to travel.

Her guilty pleasures include listening to indie music in almost disgustingly large amounts and dancing around her room with her headphones plugged firmly in her ears.

She can often be found with a coffee in one hand.

She is most famously known for assisting ladies choose coloured paper and craft items at stores, even though she does not work in aforementioned craft stores.



17 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. hey jayne it’s jack

    just checking out ur site for the first time. looks trippy.

    um… i hav to ask u a question.

    sometimes i get comments from random users of the interwebs BUT it seems they didn;’t wheely read the posts but just posteded generic comments. they also add a website link to their own website eg. iphone 5 or osmething. seems like you are trying to ad spam? is ther a way to block these clowns? or u can’t? and just have to edit their random comments and remove the links.

  2. Just stumbled on your blog today & I’m loving it! Off to check out some more, & I’m really interested in your photography.. 🙂

  3. I have no idea how I ended up here, but my looky loo has my intrigued 🙂 Others are right, you have an interesting style which makes me want to poke around some more. Im just a HDR photographer in Brisbane, Australia, but your blog style makes me want to add more of myself to my own blog.

    1. Oh, thanks!

      It’s great to meet another Brisbanite on an online jaunt! It’s really great fun to maintain a mixed content blog – it also allows you to post whatever you want (good times) without having to second-guess if it’s appropriate or not!

  4. I love the design of your blog 🙂 haven’t had a chance to look around the content much yet, but just wanted to let you know that you gave me a lot of inspiration for the look of my own blog.

  5. Hello – stumbled upon your blog looking for cat cafes in Ikebukuro (because obligatory for any Japan trip) and stayed for the lovely photos and vibe of your blog (and the fact you seem to have already covered all the things I’m intending to cover for my Japan trip in November + December 2013…no hard feelings but what a coincidence). I see you’re a fellow Aussie as well, so have an internet high five~

    Will be keeping up with your blog posts – hope to get to know you a bit more, in the least creepy way possible c:

    1. Hello hello! 😀

      Well, I’m glad that I’ve been of some assistance! And yes, the high fives of all high fives! I’ve actually got many more posts about Japan to post up – but out of sheer laziness…well, I haven’t…but I hope to have more up soon! In any case, feel free to drop me any questions! Hopefully I’ll be able to help you out!

      No creepiness at all! I hope you stay entertained will all my incessant ranting!

  6. Stumbled here accidentally on purpose!!! I love your about section….reminds me a little of me, coffee in hand, helping random people in the craft store…and NO, i don’t work there either!! Nice to meet you…look forward to more awesome~ness!!! and as a Photographer…I’m intrigued by these photo’s! will be looking myself!!!

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