ADVICE COLUMN: Jayne believes that there are no stupid questions, just exceedingly stupid people who don’t ask questions, fearing that they will, in turn, look exceptionally stupid. So, ask Jayne anything. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find out who does, or has a guess that sounds right. Or maybe she’ll just make up some crass-junk that is so packed full of adjectives, she’ll sound like know what she’s on about.


PLEASE: Leave a comment and I will write back. I will be posting the Best of the Best Questions on my main blog page.


48 thoughts on “ASK

    1. ANSWER: What an intriguing question! And the answer is – any self-respecting asiatic individual will declare that the best place to have hot pot, would be “At their house.” No jokes. Hot pot is to be had with friends and family and can be a long and social affair, so many prefer to perform this culinary delight in the comfort of their own abodes.

      If an abode of such caliber is not available to you, places outside that I can think of for such eating would be:

      CUBE HOT POT: 317 Mains Road, Sunnybank Plaza; Brisbane QLD 4109 {PH. 3219 5775 } Just outside the main shopping center, and opposite Welcome supermarket. This venue is nearly always packed and it’s best to book if you really want to eat here. A little pricey, you can order by “Side Dish” – it is also quite hot and the base soup is usually seething with chili fragments. You’ve been warned.

      BEIJING HOUSE: Shop 1, 45 Queen Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 {PH. 3210 0688} Beijing House has other dishes than just their hot pot varieties – but they do have two hot pot dishes on offer – both sitting at $40 a pop for two. Tasty, but side-dish variety is limited: white tofu, wombok cabbage, mushrooms and mung bean noodles. Only.

    1. ANSWER: There are many reasons why we eat so much “junk” and many of them include the “C” word. And that word is convenience. Many a time, we get attacked by Hunger Rampaging and eat whatever we can get our hands on – be it chips from a vending machine, ice-cream at the park or a burger from the suspicious-looking greasy stand at the weekend markets. But short of moving into the wilderness and eating bugs (which I hear are high in protein and fiber – it’s the crunchy bits), I have a few Handy Hints:

      1. Don’t buy junk food: This is a no-brainer – avoid buying junk food while shopping for your monthly or weekly groceries at the store. See those Red Spot specials at Woolies? NO. TIM TAMS ARE A BIG NO. EVEN IF THEY ARE $2. NO. THIS WEEK ONLY. STILL, NO. Not buying it = Not eating it.

      2. Educate yourself about that junk food you’re scoffing: Look at the nutrition label that is plopped on the back of those Tim Tams. Look carefully. Nutrition Facts: Average serving Size: 2 cookies (if you ate the whole packet, I can’t help you), Calories 190, Calories from Fat 81. STAY. AWAY. Or you know, just eat one. Also, you’re less likely to eat it if you know that if that foodstuff were to be dumped into the Amazon it would develop a three-eyed mutation in fishies.

      3. Keep a Food Journal: When you write down every thing you eat in one day, be assured you may shock yourself, unless you’re bulimic, than you might momentarily shock yourself, but be assured by the fact that you threw it up. PRO TIP: Just make sure that you keep your Food Journal encased in a notebook that is not covered by pictures of say, doughnuts. Or hot chips.

      4. Substitute healthy food for junk food: Easier said than done – but try writing down the common junk you frequently consume: for example, soft drinks, sweets, chips, fried and other uber-greasy foodstuffs, and next to that sordid list, make a list of healthy food that you can eat instead of those calorie churners. This list can include carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, fruit (bananas are choice) and vegetable juice and those yummy little 100 cal bars you can get from Weight Watchers. NOMOMOM.

    2. Can I answer too? šŸ™‚

      I still eat junk food but not so much anymore and just out of boredom usually.

      I stopped eating so much of it when I got very sick and badly needed healthy foods. No, the sickness didn’t make me stop eating junk foods. Yes, the doctor and my mother often told me to cut it out. But no, that didn’t stop me either.

      I stopped eating junk food when I realized that I still want to live, that I want to be healthier.

      You have to care for yourself. And you really must be sure that you want to stop yourself from eating so much junk. That’s the key.

      And buy fruits fruits fruits! They’re yummy and way healthier than junks.


      1. Of course you’re allowed!
        And thanks for your contribution – it’s great to have a very healthy perspective on things – I’m horrible at cutting out junk food from my diet myself – and I need to take my own tips (and yours) too!

  1. Timmy says:

    Here’s something me and Andrew were discussing last week.Something for you to ponder šŸ™‚

    On the assumption that you can see into the future, would your actions in the present could have change the future that you saw or do each and every one of us have a predetermined future no matter what we do? For example, you see in the future that you will have an accident in a car that you were driving. My opinion is that if you knew that on that day you were going to have an accident and you made a concious decision to not go out driving, then you have changed all the subsequent scenarios that might have led you to be involved in an accident, thus escaping your future based on the decision that you went out driving. But andrew’s opinion is that no matter what decisions you make now, you will always have the same fate. So even though you made a concious decision not to drive, maybe a friend came around to drive you somewhere and then you got involved in an accident or you were crossing the road just for lulz and you got hit by a car.

    so to conclude(^___^), can you change your future by making certain major decisions in your life or no matter what decisions you make now, there will always be other decisions along the way that you make which leads you back to your pre-determined future?

    1. ANSWER: What a ridiculously deep question – but I guess it boils down to an individuals belief in fate and what not. Personally, I believe “fate” is a load of crock, served to us by those who write astrological theories and Scientologists.

      The idea that “no matter what decisions you make now, you will always have the same fate” – generates a sense of laziness and defeatism about one’s life. I feel that if you “leave things up to fate”, you effectively have decided to take the back seat in your future. Which, puts me in the mind of letting “Fate” steer the ship into an iceberg while you sit back and say “Yeah, sure, it was Fate.” – and thus using “Fate” as a scapegoat for your own failures, lack of effort, or lack of foresight.

      In the end, the only person to blame for your own stupidity and slash or, lack of foresight, is yourself. One cannot blame “Fate”. Fate, or fatalism, is a philosophical doctrine. Unfortunately, this is real life.

      Pre-determined futures are on a different level -this is more a deeper theological study more than anything else, and is a question that leads to the End Game – which is: We Die. What comes next after We Die, is up to the beliefs of the individual. Personally, after death, I believe I will live in the Kingdom of Heaven. Others believe they will be eating sherbet with little silver spoons among scantily clad women.

      Like I said, each to their own.

      So, this is a pretty crappy answer.

      BTW – I agree with you.

  2. From a girl who lives in Seattle says:

    Do you like living in Australia? It seems like an exotic country you go to for a vacation and a tan and, except of course you live there… dont you?

    1. ANSWER: Australia is a pretty great place to live – and I’m not saying this JUST BECAUSE I’m Australian – I’m saying this because as a “first generation” Australian, I think I’m extraordinarily lucky to live here. If my parent’s hadn’t decided to migrate to Australia, I would probably be uneducated and tapping rubber in a plantation in Malaysia!

      It’s a great place to be on vacation – although, I wouldn’t recommend visiting Brisbane (my home city), mainly because much of our historical goodness and sights were obliterated in the early 1980’s when they decided to bowl everything down and replace them with ultra chic buildings! So Melbourne/Sydney are great places to visit – on Gold Coast if you have a love for endless stretches of beach.

      And although a great many of Australian’s a super tanned, due to the huge number of International students, a great number are also scarily pale!

  3. Kelliann says:

    so you started out as a wordpress blogger and now you’ve busted out and bought your own domain name! huzzah! oh wait this isnt rly a question…. uhm how long did you use .wordpress until you bought a domain name?

    1. Sorry for the super delayed response!
      I actually bought the domain name around the same time I switched to WordPress – I decided to “Get Serious” about my blogging – as ludicrous as it may seem to put caps AND inverted commas around those words, it rings true – I wanted people to take my work a little more seriously, so thus, spending cash on my own domain.

    1. Hello Reuben,

      I had the chicken in the thought we looked assumption of eyeball in the basket cat.

      Cool was it she say did.

      Yours sincerely,

    1. Thank-you for your very sweet compliments – and I’ve been taking amateur photographs for a good long while now and it’s fun to take pictures of things and people that you love – mainly, from my pictures, you can see that I love eating (TEE HEE).

      I use several cameras – but the main camera that I bring around with me is an Olympus EP-1 – crisp pictures, with a small enough size to make sure it’s not intimidating and easy to use in a formal environment in which people don’t want an SLR stuck in their faces – also, it sports an adorable vintage look. Love it!

  4. Hi Jayne, love your site! I was directed here when I was researching blog themes in wordpress. I really like the ‘forever’ theme however we host our own site using wordpress as a the editor and ‘forever’ is not one that migrates into the editor. I tried copying the files from Automattic’s site who produces the theme here and have managed to at least get it to appear in the editor but when I go to use it I get a fatal error…hoping you might have a pointer or two for me in this regard since it appears you host your own site too. I researched themes for hours and ‘forever’ has the functionality I need and a great look…I was psyched to see that others are using it not just for ‘wedding’ blogs since I like the look so much. Thanks Jayne…sorry for the long reply…

    1. Heh, thanks for approaching me concerning this! Unfortunately, I’m not that adept at understanding the mechanics of this! Uhm, my fiance set it up for me and I just tweaked the design! I know, aren’t I just horrible! Sorry I can’t be of much assistance (and the super delayed response)! I hope you find the solution soon!

      x jayne

  5. Hi Jayne

    I have just been looking at your blog as it is featured on the wordpress website as a forever theme. I have just started a blog using this theme and I am really struggling with getting the images to look good and the right size even though I am using high res. They all seem to get distorted to a default size when I upload them? Your images look amazing and are a really large size. I would be so grateful if you may be able to explain how you got them to look like that?

    Thanks in advance for your help:)


    1. Howdy Anna!

      Are we talking about the header image or the post images? I’ve altered my settings in my code so that the width of the column will be the same as the width of the content (which could be different from each other if you have switch from another layout and use customisable CSS). I also ensure that my header image is rendered in .PNG format – for some strange reason, it comes out distorted if I export in .JPEG format!

      Hope these little tidbits helped!

      x jayne

      1. Oops just realised my original message didn’t post, sorry! Thanks so much for your really quick and helpful reply! I’m going to try the png instead of jpeg, does this apply to post images as well? Also, was wondering if you have the code for amending the column widths? Thanks again for your really helpful advice!

        1. Oops, sorry for the late reply! I saw this a while back and then … well, forgot (silly me)! I actually upload my images in my posts in .jpeg format – and that doesn’t seem to distort the image at all!

          But to find where that image size option is…
          Appearance -> Cutom design -> CSS
          and then change the “pixel” width value!
          For this layout, it looks like:
          “Limit width to … pixels for videos, full size images, and other shortcodes. (More info.) The default content width for the Forever theme is 560 pixels.”

          You can change it to 560 pixels, but I’ve just realised mine is on 600 pixels!


  6. Hi Jane

    This may sound like a stupid question but I am using the same template as yourself however it seems to have changed from the first day of using it. I am unable to get the centre focus of the page to stay white where my writing and sidebar are and the sides to be filled with the background. I am hoping you can help.

    Many thanks

    Fay šŸ˜€

    1. Oh, that’s pretty weird! I have to be honest, I’m not sure what’s going on there – do you have custom CSS? Have you left any coding from a previous design in that? It overrides the template’s own CSS – so just check there’s nothing playing up there! Otherwise, I’m not quite certain.

      1. Thanks for such a speedy reply Jane. I managed to figure it out this morning after not thinking about it too much and realised that the code for my blog button was cancelling out some of the code for the page so I have removed it! Now to work on a new one! I don’t have custom CSS on mine however the code i was using must have had a glitch somewhere!
        Thanks again šŸ˜€

    1. Hi there Kristen!

      Um, well, I don’t have my Recent Posts lined up centrally – but my guess is that if you do want them to line up in the centre, the best bet is to enter custom CSS and alter the code to that that particular widget lines up centrally? I’m not sure as I haven’t had to do this yet and have mainly stuck with the original CSS coding!


  7. Hello Jayne! I recently started using the same theme (Adelle) for my blog (, and I noticed that you use the same one. I was wondering if you could share how you were able to get rid of the pink polka dots that run along the top part of the page above the header? It’s a style feature that comes with the original theme, but I’m not particularly fond of it. If you could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it! I love your blogs style- so simple and so beautiful.

    Hope to hear from you soon! – Sincerest thanks, Renee

    1. Howdy Renee!

      Do you happen to have CSS editing available to you? It’s an easy enough task if you do – it will allow you to remove the header image and replace the background and tiling options!

      Jayne šŸ˜€

      1. Thank you Jayne! From your response and a little google searching, I was able to get rid of it! Thank you for such a quick response šŸ™‚ I’m very grateful.

    1. Oh, which one? The one in my Twitter stream with the up side down cats? That’s from an eBay seller – unfortunately the cats were…up side down. ):

  8. hello jane, am using the same theme as you. av got some problems with my menu
    when i click on my about and contact us, all the post on my home appears.
    am not experienced with blogs. pls how can iget rid of these and have details i want in my about and contact only appear?
    thanks in advance

    1. It’s most likely because you don’t have any actual content on those pages to link. First check if you have “made” those pages when you are on your dashboard and there should be options to create pages and join them up to your main page. Good luck!

  9. Hello Jayne,

    Cool blog. You probably have a lot of emails, comments, etc., but I wondered if you could help me with the Adelle theme. I have it too, and I’d like to customize it.
    First of all, I’d like to get my own background.gif image (the one with the pink dots). I saw in the previous comments a reply regarding this question. I was wondering if you use a child theme, or do you edit the parent theme directly?
    Also, I’d like to change the appearance of my navigation menu and remove the search bar. Do you know how to do that?

    Thank you very much,

    1. Howdy Sophie!

      As above, check if you have CSS editing enabled! If you don’t you should still be able to tweak the site to your liking (I think, I’ve only ever used custom CSS). In Appearance, you should be able to pull up the link called Background and switch out the background image and change options.

      I just make changes to the child theme – but to be honest, I haven’t had to make many changes to this theme and which is why I have kept it for this long!

      I think you should be able to remove the search option in Menus – but I don’t know why it’s there in the first place – since I don’t think the original theme had it positioned there!

      Hope this helped!

  10. Hi! I have this theme too and I love your customization of the header.. namely, removing those pink bubbles. How did you get rid of them??

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