Now if you’re like me and your jewellery storage resembles a recent bowel movement from a very distressed gold-eating dragon, you’ll be, like me, eager to find an easy, cute and compact solution to your clinky and frustrating problem. So after years of fishing about aimlessly for that one earring (similar to single-sock-theory) I decided I had better tackle my problem head-on – and I went scouring about the internet for a suitable DIY project.

After shuffling around Pinterest for a few minutes, I found that many people went with styles that accommodated dangling earrings  and seemed to involve a lot of effort when trying to hang them up – I didn’t need them on display…I just needed them sorted. Eventually, I found a very simple solution that involved using things about the house and a hot glue gun. An added bonus – it didn’t look like it would take forever to achieve – in fact it took me the duration of a small thunderstorm to complete (say 1/2 an hour) AND is also completely reversible. So I’ve written up a tiny tutorial – feel free to tweak it to suit your needs!
I bought a little kraft-card gift box from Daiso – and since I liked the look of the box I didn’t make any changes to it at all, other than add a little tag. You can also install this into a pre-existing jewellery box drawer or any shallow box (eg. shoebox lid).

I took a quick measurement of the base of my box and used that measurement to mark my old pencils so that they would just fit inside, which I then sawed through using my husband’s nifty multi-tool. You can use any sort of similarly shaped item for this part – another Instagram user suggested old takeaway chopsticks! I just happened to have a huge box of old (and not to mention terrible) coloured pencils hanging about!
Using a sheet of felt (also bought from Daiso) I measured it up so that the felt would easily cover the shortened pencils. Other good fabrics to use are velvet and fleece – anything that will give a bit of a spongy surface for your earrings to sit in.
I then hot-glue’d the length of felt, placed the pencil on to the glue and wrapped the felt around it. Remember to secure your felt with a little more glue – taking care to hold in place for a few seconds for the glue to dry.
After you’ve completed your felt-coated pencils, you can start putting them into your box. You should have enough to wedge perfectly in so that they stay firmly in place and that your earrings don’t slip around inside.        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Success! I hope this helps all those ladies out there who are desperately seeking a solution to their earring chaos – I’ll soon be looking up easy and fun ways to sort out my ridiculous necklace collection – so stay tuned for more DIY updates!


RETRO: Wallpaper to the rescue!

Well, because I am a sucker for punishment, I’ve decided that planning a wedding isn’t stress enough. No, I’ve decided that if I’m going to subject the people around me to a torrent of madness, it might as well be worth it – I’m going to give them a full dose of crazy and then see who sticks around to view the aftermath.Yes, I am in the process of purchasing a house – areal abode. And yes, it’s a wreck. If this were a boat and we were on the high seas, this house would be under those high seas and I would be floating on a little dinghy drinking a bottle of rum while singing horrible piratey-songs in a gnarly, yet somehow alluring voice melting with melancholy. Yes, the house that I have bought is old. In fact, it’s about 50-years-old and has the retro wallpaper and asbestos inlaid bathroom to prove it.

So yes, here’s to me driving everybody who will sit still long enough, crazy with my housey-exploits. Since I don’t get the keys to the house until the 30th of August, there’s still a long way to go yet before I can start breaking down kitchens and peeling off disgusting wallpaper – but just you wait, those days will come! This blog will soon become more than just a crazy lady blog about random wedding things and food, and will morph into a crazy lady blog about random wedding things, food and house-renovating madness. As you can probably image, my friend’s are both elated for me and slightly hesitant – as I will be calling “Pizza House Days” for painting expeditions, where will most likely end up painting each other Antique White U.S.A. until we collapse with pizza stains on our faces and beer drool running lazily down our shirts. I assure you, I’ll find a better title for these painty-jaunts other that “Pizza House Days”, because that sounds more like it should be the title of as really horrible Korean drama where a handsome, yet poor fellow makes pizzas for a living, meets a rich, yet aloof girl and somehow someone gets cancer.

To get me through all of the crazy, I’ve got a pile of magazines, Ikea kitchen brochures and trusty Pinterest to keep me inspired. And so, without further ado, here are some pretty ideas for spaces that I so deeply desire to emmulate, or at least wistfully gaze upon. With wistfulness.

As you can probably tell, I have a thing about white walls. Man, I love a good white wall.

If you have white walls, human beings look better in a room than if you have red walls.
Minoru Yamasaki



A wedding post? I think it’s about time to heave-ho into the foggy word of manic decisions and throwing handfuls of tulle in the air and crying “FRANTIC CITY! FRANTIC CITY!”. Being of the typography-loving disposition, the idea of having a sub-par set of stationery to accompany by big day seems distasteful. Also, I would not be pleased. Not pleased in the least. So, i’ve been piling up a few ideas (with the assistance of Pinterest, many thanks to Jenn for the invitation) and staking wedding websites like 100 Layer Cake and Etsy to trigger some ideas.

For my own engagement shindig, I pulled together a few ideas, hours of Photoshop time and a shaky colour scheme to create a little invitation, utilising the lovely people at Vistaprint. It was only a trial printage, but it managed to help me get a gist of how the system works, the prices and the quality of the print – which wasn’t half bad.

See, not too shabby for a first effort at this thing – managed to get me some pretty fonts, and see the TINY LITTLE ALPACA? Yes, I managed to add a tiny little alpaca. Pretty awesome sauce!

So I’m planning to follow this very adorable little DIY tutorial from A Practical Wedding – time for me to get busy, once again, with Photoshop and plenty of blood, sweat and tears, to add to it all.

The Oops I Really Care Way

This morning, we posted the APW theory that really nice invitations have two elements, with everything else being extra: good design and good paper. If you’re using an APW printable invite sponsor, I’m pretty sure you’ve already got good design in the bag. But perhaps you also want good paper, and you want to print at home. Well, here is the thing. People will tell you this can’t be done. But it can. We did it. David and I printed part of our wedding invitations on our home printer, using 100% cotton paper. And they looked so good that I wondered why I’d also effed around with Gocco (well, actually, I did that because it was fun). So it can be done, and here are my tips:

  • Order a design that isn’t super ink heavy. Don’t make me say that again.
  • Order 100% cotton paper. Go somewhere with a heavy duty paper cutter to cut your paper down to size. Normally you can go to a Kinkos, or other print shop, offer to pay to use the printer cutter, and have them offer to just let you use it. Score.
  • Cut extra paper because your printer will inevitably eat some of them, leaving you yelling profanities if you didn’t cut enough.
  • Get a cheap-o paper cutter for your house, to handle the part when you inevitably didn’t cut enough. These work well, and will come in handy for years to come.
  • Buy envelopes in a complementary color.
  • Buy extra printer ink, because your printer will inevitably run out of color at the most inopportune time.
  • Go home, sit by the printer, feed your lovely cotton paper. Curse loudly as the printer yells at you about the paper. Tell the printer who is boss. Admire how professional your invitations look, and think about how cheap they are, and realize how little skill this took on your part.
  • Fin.

Read more:

Now to accrue some ideas – here are a few that I’ve been eyeing off – and yes, I’ve noticed that they’re all pretty different from each other – but i’m planning to mish-mash ideas into a delicious soup of…er…invitations? One thing I’m certain of, though, and that is I’ll be using heavy weight (cotton/linen) paper. Oh yes. Yes indeed.

RAVISHING SCRIPT, PRETTY IDEAS: Swooshy calligraphy, simple, but modern. [ LINK ]

SIMPLE, ON AMAZING PAPER: The contrast colours are truly amazing. Customisable with a matching RSVP card. [ LINK ]

ILLUSTRATED, WATER COLOUR: Hand drawn wedding invitation, a sweet and simple watercolor invitation set. Personalised to perfection – but so pricey and impossible to create oneself (unless you’re particularly handy ay drawing). [ LINK ]

DIY, PRINTABLE: Instantly downloadable from Etsy, cheap and complete with invitation, RSVP and info card all together in one pack. Oh my. [ LINK ]

SELF INKING, ADDRESS STAMPS: Custom calligraphy style self inking address stamp – fabulous for the lazy people like me who hate writing my address over and over again. [ LINK ]

AIR MAIL, THE LOVELY THINGS IN THE MAIL: This has all the hallmarks of a lovely vintage invite – all the way down to the bakers twine (or which can be put together so easily, as well). [ LINK ]

CARNIVAL WEDDING, ALL OF THE COLOURS: A printable suite pre-created – but this colour scheme is so lovely and perky. Love the perky! But maybe it’s a little…too perky? [ LINK ]

Yeah, so here’s to me scratching my head and cracking my knuckles in front of my trusty Mac and Photoshop (I’ve finally managed to re-install it). I’ve got so many ideas bustling around and not enough presence of mind to calm down and start prodding buttock. More ideas and inspiration to follow (and any other little suggestions are eagerly accepted)!