Since the first day of touring Japan was essentially filled with us gorging ourselves on bento and running about in the sunshine – we thought a good contrast would be to wander about in some super-shiny shops and some oppressively hot rain (the latter was unintentional, but running about in the rain did indeed happen).

As we weren’t quite used to the public transport system yet (it was far too efficient for our laid-back Australian sensitivities), we haunted the nearer parts of Shinjuku (新宿区)– thus lending towards some boredom on everybody’s part. We stayed mainly around the massive Takashimaya Times Square shopping complex – slightly shuffling our feet along – as we knew outside raged serious rain down-pour and were hesitant to get ourselves completely and utterly soaked (understandably).

Eventually we gave in and “Man-ed Up”, taking a few cautious steps outside to find something to gorge ourselves on. What we found was a crumbling, itsy bitsy noodle house – where no-one spoke any English and smoking was permitted indoors. So, crowded into a minuscule space alongside an ancient moustachioed smoker, we yummed down possibly THE TASTIEST RAMEN I have ever consumed in my existence. Full of tasty tasty ramen flavour, I nearly swallowed the bowl in my anticipation. Despite my total disgust in smoking as a whole, everything became background to the full flavours of the ramen sitting in the bowl, undulating innocently about in the chipped ceramic.

From that point onwards, I decided, that this ramen was to my stomach like what the sea is to pirates, like what hot water bottles is to PMS-y women, like what Starcraft is to Koreans.


The TASTIEST RAMEN I have ever had the opportunity to yum on. THE. TASTIEST. NOMOMOMOM. Also, the “hazard” cones in Japan are GREEN. Seriously, GREEN! Man, that is so cool.

For the duration of the rest of our Tokyo-visit, I never ventured back to Shinjuku (although my parents did) – I found out rather belatedly, that to truly explore Shinjuku, the PROTIP was to hit the streets and wander about, camera (in my case, cameras) in hand and yen flapping zealously.

I think I’ll keep that one up my sleeve for my next visit.

Wilted flowers on the doorstep of a Shinjuku resident. The colours were so vibrant against the building’s bland white-tiled exterior.

Kapibara-San! I was going to buy even more of these Kapibara-San items, but I tragically forgot! This little guy was dangling in the window of one of the train station convenience stores.

The view down into the street from the Shinjuku Train Station overpass that leads right over into the Takashimaya Times Square shopping centre. ALSO: “FOR ONE-SEVEN” instead of “FOUR ONE-SEVEN”. Tee hee hee!


26 thoughts on “RAINY DAYS; BEST EVER RAMEN.

      1. Becky says:

        That’s so cute!!! It sorta looks like the longer legged & longer muzzle version of the wombat. I just wanna squish one right now!

  1. Zoraida says:

    RAMEN! It looks so delicious, my mouth is watering hahaha.

    I don’t think I’d be able to notice the green hazard cones and walk right into a dangerous environment oTL

    I love Engrish.

    1. Agreed – the colour screams a much more therapeutic vibe than “HEY LOOK OUT THAR!” – that’s me, driving down a cliff-face.

      ENGRISH is frakking awesome, how would I spend my few minutes on the internet if there weren’t any engrish? 😀

  2. nice XD
    japan is amazing, but if you really ask me how or what i really dont know lol!
    but it is isn’t it
    nice pics, as always

  3. Very nice snaps! I wish I enjoyed ramen more, it always looks so aesthetically pleasing but I just can’t get on board =Y

  4. You make me hungry~~~
    And it seems like all the commenters agree with how ramen is yummy!!
    I couldn’t find Takashimaya Times Square btw.. How strange is that!

    1. Hahaha – ramen FTW!

      Really? I couldn’t find … anywhere else! Probably popped out the wrong exit (as per usual!) – I was so confuzzled with all the different exits!

  5. rawr! i’ve been on a ramen streak, eating at all the ramen places i’ve passed and NONE OF IT COMPARES TO YOURS (at least i don’t think, I tried imagining the taste in my mouth while reading this entry)

    is it a spelling error or is it meant to be for-1-7 as in for 17-year olds? x)

    1. My simple conglomerate of adjectives cannot compare to the YUMMY! XD

      But yes, it was super tasty (maybe because I was half-starved though!)

      Oh, SLY there with the spelling then! Not a spelling mistake – just inventive! 😀

  6. Nancy says:


    Sorry, I couldn’t contain myself.
    I really wanna try ramen from Japan though. It sounds amazing.

  7. I so want to try ramen from Japan! One day, one day~ And I just noticed that the person above me said the same thing! Haha. The store sign is so awesome even if says for 😛 Also I received your postcard!! Totally unexpected and you are so random but it brightens my day! 🙂

    1. Hahaha – yeah, it’s part of the “Must Do In Japan” checklist!

      Whoo! You received it!
      I was pretty bored the other day, so I thought to myself: “Why not?”


      Happy it’s randomness brightened you day!

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